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Do you live in the hills of West Virginia and like to go to a tree-shaded outdoor nut butter shop on a nice, spring morning? You don't have to travel very far in this area to find some delicious tasting food and drink. In fact, it is so close to my home that I can stop by whenever I need to take a break from work and enjoy some fresh air and a good cup of tea. Here's a look at some of the local nut butters I enjoy on a daily basis:

The first is Mountain River BBQ, which happens to be my favorite place to go with my friends. My guests rave about how good their food is and how they always seem to get a surprise of the day regarding the ingredients used in their meals. If you're not familiar with Mountain River BBQ then it is a smoked meat and spice sandwich shop that also serve their own made tortillas and beverages. If you love the taste of grilled meat with awesome spices then you'll love the foods and their homemade beers as well. There are many events hosted at the location so if you live near it, you should definitely make it a point to stop by.

Smoky Mountain Coffee Roasters is another great stop for West Virginia locals on any given day. Many people who live around the area know Smoky Mountain Coffee Roasters for their outstanding coffee, but they do so much more than coffee. This shop offers several different kinds of delicious nuts and treats. I particularly love their walnut hot chocolate, which is absolutely divine. I also really like their cashew nuts and almond butter. To find out more about nut butter, you can follow this website.

The third shop I would like to mention is Sweet Nut Shop. I have always been a big fan of Sweet Nut Shop because it has such delicious, yet healthy products. They offer organic, fair trade chocolate, organic cookies and honey and so much more. There are several different sweet nut varieties to choose from and they even have some delicious nut free desserts that are made with organic ingredients. If you enjoy sweet desserts but are tired of the chemicals associated with regular desserts then this is the shop for you.

Finally, let's not forget Pritchard's Foods for All. This shop is located right in front of Pritchard's Creamery in town. This shop offers many delicious snacks that are both healthy and delicious. I especially love their trail mix because it is so delicious and the smell is wonderful. It's great for camping trips and other activities around the park and woods. Read more about nut butter shop now.

If you enjoy eating delicious food with a huge amount of flavor and healthiness, then these are the shops that you need to check out. You can find them in West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. There are even nut butter cups for those who enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious dip. You can even find Pritchard's Foods for All in several different locations including Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Chicago. These all the best places to buy nut butters and other delicious snacks. To familiarize yourself more with this topic, it is best that you check out this post:

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